Catering Menu

Our Catering Mission

Our goal is to make your event successful by providing fresh, quality, and flavorful dishes to your event's participants. We also understand that it is often difficult to please everyone's taste at an event, and we are more than happy to work with you to accommodate the diverse preferences of your participants – such as including a sampling of more traditional sandwiches and salads as an alternative to our specialties. Nothing is off-limits. We look forward to working with you to make your event a success.


One order serves up to 10 people. Choice of chicken, steak, tofu or (shrimp +$30).

Avocado Salad($85)

Crisp romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, and cilantro. Tossed with a tangy lemongrass dressing.

Glass Noodle Salad($95)

Perfect to keep people energized with a flavorful kick of spice and tangy dressing. Mung bean noodle tossed with chili chicken, shrimp, onion, zucchini string, wood ear mushrooms, tomatoes, celery, and cilantro. Served on a bed of lettuce and accompanied with lemon dressing.

Egg Salad($90)

Hard-boiled eggs tossed with shredded chicken, green beans, onion, wood ear mushrooms, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Served on a bed of lettuce and accompanied with spicy garlic dressing.

Roasted Seasonal Vegetable($90)

This salad has it all! Charred BBQ taste of seasonal vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, corn, bell pepper, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms and whatever else we see fresh that morning! Accompanied with cilantro dressing.

Vermicelli Salad($90)

Light and airy rice noodle salad with crisp romaine lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, carrots, mint, cilantro, and basil. Accompanied with peanut vinaigrette dressing.

Chicken Quinoa($90)

Most requested salad! Minced chicken, carrots, ginger, peanuts, cilantro, chili, red onion, lettuce, and organic quinoa, tossed with a lemon dressing.


One order serves up to 10 people. Choice of chicken, steak, or tofu.

Banh Mi Sandwich($85)

Our most requested catering item. Thai spiced meats complemented with crisp pickled daikon, carrots, cucumbers, jalapeño, and cilantro. Served on a fresh baked French baguette, with chili aioli spread.

Hot Entrées

One order serves up to 10 people. Each order is served with a side of jasmine or wholegrain rice. Choice of chicken, steak, tofu, or (shrimp +$30).

Yellow Chicken Curry($85)

Classic curry with a sweet finish. Tender chicken and turmeric curry paste, simmered in coconut milk with sweet potatoes, onion, and carrots.

Red Curry($85)

Spicy curry to keep the energy level up at your event. Your choice of protein simmered with red chili paste, coconut milk, kaffir leaves, Japanese pumpkin, jalapeño, and basil.

Green Curry($85)

Mild curry, but with just as much flavor as the other curries. Your choice of protein simmered with green chili paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, Thai eggplant, jalapeño, and basil.

Panang Curry($85)

This is a popular alternative curry with a thicker consistency and full flavor. Your choice of protein simmered with red chili paste, coconut milk, green peas, jalapeño, bell peppers, and basil.

Thai Stew($85)

Tender meat simmered with tomatoes, chili paste, and lemongrass.

Eggplant Basil($85)

Herbaceous aroma of basil complements tender eggplant. Your choice of protein sautéed with Chinese eggplant, bell peppers, jalapeño, and basil.

Spicy Green Beans($85)

A perfect combination of spices, veggies, and tender meat. Your choice of protein, sautéed with green beans and chili paste.

Seasonal Vegetable($85)

To satisfy the health conscious. Your choice of meat, sautéed with seasonal vegetables.

Pepper Garlic($85)

Your choice of protein, sautéed with garlic and Thai peppercorn. Served with mixed vegetables.

Noodles & Rice

One order serves up to 10 people. Choice of chicken, steak, tofu, or (shrimp +$30).

Pad Thai Noodle($90)

Rice noodles sautéed with eggs, chopped tofu, chicken, shrimp, bean sprouts, cabbage, seasonal vegetable, and green onion. Served with lime wedges and roasted peanuts.

*Note that this dish comes with chicken, tofu and shrimp.

Glass Noodle (Pad Woon Sen)($90)

Your choice of protein sautéed with glass noodles, vegetables, tomatoes, wood ear mushrooms, and eggs.

Drunkard Noodle($90)

Garlic sautéed with chiles, Thai basil, tomatoes, seasonal vegetables, and your choice of protein. Traditionally, you’re supposed to make this dish extra spicy and flavorful to cure a hangover . But, we can make ours on the milder side.

Wholegrain Fried Rice($90)

Our blend of brown, red, and rice berry sautéed with eggs, seasonal vegetables and choice of protein.


Spring Rolls($40)

Fresh, earthy and herbaceous spring rolls wrapped with crisp veggies and choice of chicken, tofu or shrimp. Accompanied with peanut vinaigrette dipping sauce.

BBQ Skewers($50)

Marinated chicken or steak brushed with coconut milk. Served with cilantro dipping sauce.


Mango Sticky Rice (May-August)($40)

The most popular Thai dessert. Sweet, warm and so good.

Pumpkin Coconut Bread Pudding($40)

Our original and a favorite of our customers.

Fresh Cut Fruit($40)

Assorted Gourmet Cookies($40)